The Made By Us market was on Saturday, and was a lot of fun. Here’s some fairly dodgy iPhone pics. You get the drift.

It was nice to make some new friends, including my lovely neighbour Jacinta (and you totally need to check our her store). Aside from her, I didn’t mind being the youngest by about 40 years. But on that note, it’s a little bit rubbish that so many of the Auxiliarians (not a word, I realise), and volunteers in general are older. I reckon us youngens (you know, of the 40 to 70 mark) need to step up. Speaking of which, I have a great idea which I’m going to share you with shortly. Stay tuned.

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I’m happy

Every now and then, and only that infrequently, I make something I’m really happy with.

This is one such thing. Wool / cashmere blend reversible bolero in duck egg blue. But getting her to sit still for the photo…?

These will be a feature item at Made By Us, also available in navy and red.  Less than 2 weeks to go!

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Made By Us

Getting ready.

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Save the date – 30 June 2012

Because The White House is going to be here.

Fabulous cause (none better, really). Stay tuned for more information, and get ready to spread the word!


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Bikram Yoga

I’m all for fads. Really. And when it comes to fitness and weight loss fads, I’m at the front of the line. The fad of the moment is Bikram Yoga or, as we tweeters say, #bikramyoga.

I’d done it for a while before I fell pregnant with Nicholas, and started back about 6 weeks ago. I’ve been pushing it, up to 4 times a week (at 90 minutes a session that’s not bad). The real incentive has been to improve my buggered knees (the left in particular), but as the days go by it feels like it’s getting sorer, in an excruciating kind of way, and I’m getting tired.

Sometimes, when words don’t do, some clever person has already put together an apt cartoon.


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A friend of mine is having a toadstool party for her little girl’s 3rd birthday. The party was inspired by this culinary beauty.

So I asked her if maybe the birthday girl would like a matching skirt for the party. Because I love a custom order, and this is a special little family.

This is my first go at the sashed skirt and although a bit fiddly, it’s so pretty and girly for a party girl!



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Well it seems that everyone’s gone a little bit loopy about lalaloopsy. You know, those cute dolls who come to life when the last of their button eyes is sewn?

I’m all for giving into kids’ indulgences, with clothes and the like. But I’m not a fan of Disney-style polyester. So here’s Harriet’s and my attempt to make up some Lalaloopsy tees for her friends’ bdays.


Harriet picked out the button eyes from my Mimi’s vast collection, and so we’ve nominated her as the lead designer. She is, after all, going to be the designer for our bricks and mortar shop when it opens (*).

But while the lead designer is fond of Lalaloopsies, her current trend is Silvermist, the water fairy from Tinkerbell. This is as good as it gets, and maybe that means that sometimes the Disney polyster ain’t so bad.


(* Our shop is going to be white, with a black or red door, in Melbourne’s inner South East. The current plan has it with 40 stories).

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