Finders Keepers


The Finders Keepers markets are on in Melbourne next week. Luckily for me, this time around Etsy is having a photo booth and showcasing Melbourne Etsyians.

This is what I have sent along from The White House.




And then some new business cards. When I get these professionally done the font will be letterpressed in white.

Those of you in Melbourne next week, pop along and see what the locals are doing!

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With Autumn upon us, I have added some scarves to the shop in order to add some life to this otherwise (in my opinion) miserable time of year.

There’s wool.


And linen.



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Easter craft

I was creating an Easter treasury list on Etsy last night, and found some gorgeous talented Etsyans I hadn’t come across before. You can see my treasury below and here.

One of my favourite sellers out of this bunch is Pebbles in my Pocket. Just have a look at some of her paper craft!


Inspired by her, and tossing around ideas for paper craft to do with Harriet’s Grade 1 class at Easter time, I had a go at an Easter bag.  Disaster, and sorry, no photo. Will keep persevering and hope to have something semi decent to show you soon. In the meantime, how’s this for inspiration?

Found here.


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Linen scarves

This must be the most beautiful fabric in the world – Japanese double gauze cotton in natural cream, with a self dot in metallic cream. Perfect for an all season scarf.

I love deep red mixed with  neutrals and this deep red leather flower was the perfect finishing touch on a linen panel.

So too was this ladybird trail on a similar scarf.

These little wooden ladybirds belonged to my husband’s great Aunt who had a clothes making business – she popped one of these on the shoulder of all her garments as a clever and cute branding tool – people would stop the wearers on the street and attempt to sweep the ladybird away. Isn’t that clever?

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The White House

No, not where Barrack lives, more’s the shame. But the new name for my business. To be honest I’m not sure if I was ever that keen on In The Round as a name, and it feels right to change it. The inspiration came from Harriet – when we were looking for our current home we both had the criteria that it had to be white. And it is. We now are planning for the bricks and mortar shop we intend to open when she’s in Grade 6 (about 5 years away), and that too must be white.

There will be plenty of upcoming posts about the bricks and mortar shop, but in the meantime, please have a look at the new stock etsy and big cartel stores and let me know what you think.

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Ladybeetle love

Cute, isn’t she?

You can make one yourself, just pop over here.

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Oh the joy

My precious babies.

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