Paris party

My little girl turned six last week, and so we celebrated as anticipated with a Paris themed party.

I know people generally expect Paris parties to be red, white and blue, but there are in fact a lot featured in pink and black. That was my initial choice, confirmed when I saw this gorgeous print on Etsy (see vendor credits below).

I did some setting up last night, but the rest during the day today. When Harriet walked in after school she said “I don’t like it. I LOVE it.”

I did alot of experimenting with the camera (flash on and off, blinds up and down) but there’s no doubt that my photography doesn’t really capture how pretty I think it looked.

This was my first attempt at Martha’s ruffle cake. I would have had a steadier hand if I hadn’t been so horribly plagued by morning sickness most of the day.

But it wasn’t all bad news. A trip to the local florist this morning confirmed my suspicions that peonies have just bloomed, and I was able to pick up these gorgeous pink ones. My favourite flower of all time.

Even Harriet’s male cousin was happy to drink out of these Eiffel tower straw cups.

And then there were the treats themselves, starting with this Persian fairy floss which is not only yummy, but looks so lovely. The chocolate flavour is the most gorgeous deep taupe colour.

Some Eiffel Tower cookies. Thanks to Sweetapolita for the fabulous sugar cookie recipe. It really is perfect.

And some cute little party bags to take home.

I had so much fun planning this party, but it made me realise how hard it really is to put everything together so that it works. But look at that little face. I’d do it all again in the morning.

Vendor credits Eiffel tower print – pixiepixels on Etsy, Swizzle sticks, candy sticks, Eiffel tower drink bottles and glass bottle – The Little Big Company, Eiffel tower place card holders – Pink Frosting, Lollypops – Goodygoodygumdrops, Eiffel tower fabric – stefaniexu on Etsy, Eiffel tower charms – kinacraft on Etsy, Stickers (designed by me) on Zazzle, Eiffel tower party bags – Enchanted Quilling on Etsy, Mini glass bottles, Sweet Style, Ruffle cake (made by me) with recipe from Martha Stewart.


About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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