Chicken or the egg?

What came first?

A couple of things in the crafty sphere have caught my attention recently, making me wonder, who’s copying who?

I first stumbled across the very talented Bridgett from Perideau Designs in 2009 when these gorgeous gift tags caught my eye.

I love pretty much all of Bridgett’s designs, but my next favourite thing are these favor bags she created about a year ago.

It has been so rewarding to watch Bridgett’s journey from an Etsy store to a fully online business, blog and wholesale arm. Like me, she has a “day job”, a little girl and a passion for craft. Unlike me, she’s really made the craft business work.

So imagine my surprise when I came across an online store recently selling these favor bags.

I mean, I thought they were Bridgett’s. I thought maybe she’d changed her shop name. And then I thought, “Oh well, maybe a lot of people are doing these and it’s a little bit of a coincidence.” But then I saw, on the same site, these gift tags which are being marketed as “New”. The most telling part is that this business only started last year.

I was pretty gutted to be honest. I  know how hard Bridgett has worked, and for me this is just a little more than a coincidence. What do you think?

I haven’t mentioned the name of the ‘someone else’ because notwithstanding this seems pretty coincidental to me, I don’t have all of the facts and can’t draw any real conclusions as to how this has all come about.

It is, however, food for thought. Like this next example.

I LOVE Gorman clothes. In particular, I love Gorman tshirts. I have had this one for a while.

Then, last year, my dearest friend bought me this one.

I didn’t think I could love anything more than the owl tee, but this is my ALL time favourite item of clothing. So much so, I’ve been scouring ebay for months for another, for the day this one has had its last wear.

So you can imagine my surprise the other day when, wearing this tshirt, I came across this plate in Monster Threads, a gorgeous little Melbourne laneway shop. (And yes, I bought it).

Monster Threads’ website says this is designed by Raquel Aparicio, and they have the t-shirt available for purchase too.

As these designs are identical, it’s my suspicion that all is above board and Gorman simply buy the design for their tees. Having said that, it’s curious that the designer is selling her own version of the tees.

Taking you back to the owl tee, there’s also this.

I have had this fabric for a couple of years, and it wasn’t until I was washing my hands in the bathroom the other day, wearing this tee, when I looked at my reflection and this immediately came to mind. No, they’re not identical. But they are close.

There is a lot of discussion on crafty blogs all the time about the fine line between getting inspiration from fellow designers and simply copying their designs. As a sewer, I completely agree that there is room for taking inspiration from others’ work, and in truth there are very little completely original designs in the kids’ clothing realm at least. But I think you have to be careful between taking inspiration and taking the idea.

What do you think?


About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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One Response to Chicken or the egg?

  1. trish25 says:

    The Halloween bags and the gift tags are obviously copies. I hope Bridgett is doing something about this. The cheek.

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