Barbie Musketeer teams up with Perideau Designs

I’ve been meaning to do this post for at least 2 weeks, but things have gotten in the way.

Harriet saw Barbie and the Three Musketeers a few months back, and all she’s wanted since then was a Barbie Musketeer party. I tried and tried to draft some Barbie Musketeer invites, but found it impossible to create something that wasn’t tacky. So I enlisted stationery designer extraordinaire Bridgett, founder of Perideau Designs. I knew she’d come up with something fabulous and she did. Invites and thank you cards, plus the jpeg of the design for me to put onto a tee for the Birthday girl and linen lunch bags for the kids.

The smiling musketeer

I printed the design on Harriet’s tshirt from the jpeg Bridgett sent through.

The invites, tshirt and linen screen printed lunch bags.

Drink bottles

Lolly bags

Musketeer cake

Some Musketeer training at the gym where the party was held

Busy Musketeers

Time for a snack

Cutting the cake

Thanks for coming!

And the soon to be delivered thank you notes for a plethora of gorgeous presents!

Bridgett did such a great job, I’ve already been back to order a stack of Christmas presents and I think I need more. Head on over, and see what she can do for you, or simply check out her store and her blog for some inspiration on being a corporate working mum with a strong artistic passion.


About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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3 Responses to Barbie Musketeer teams up with Perideau Designs

  1. Bridgett says:

    What a great party! I absolutely love seeing our products being used. Great job mom!

  2. Calico says:

    Looks like everyone had a ball.
    Glamourous parents with a gorgeous 5 year old girl.
    Wish we could have been there.

  3. Trish says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous looking party! Does she do stuff for 40th birthdays??

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