Misery loves company

And by company I mean the sewing machine, not the Kathy Bates style machete.

I hate winter, it is no secret. Not only does my skin crack, and look hideously pasty, but I  hate being cold. I thus become an overweight hermit whose child begs for fresh air and a run in the park.  I also tend to get sick over Winter, and this year has been no exception. I think I have been a little bit sick for over a month now. I suspect it  has something to do with medication taken for reflux (urgh) but there is persistent nausea and tiredness and other things I won’t mention (and no, I’m not pregnant). So when I venture out of bed after 9 hours of sleep, utterly exhausted, other than heading to work I hit the machine for solice. I did just that this morning while dear husband took Harri out, and managed to finish her “wave” dress from Oliver and S.

The nomenclature “waves” comes from the wavey sides.

An altogether bubbly effect for someone who loves mermaids.

I boxed up about 5 of Harriet’s special party dresses today (all lovingly handmade by Mimi) in sizes 1, 2 and 3.  I’m not prepared to give them away or even loan them to the dearest of friends at this stage – they are too special. Doing so has made room for her new wardrobe, and I have slothfully scoured the internet tonight for some outfit ideas. Par example.

When the dress was done, I could have cleaned the house (and boy does it need it), but opted for a little more stitching time. This is sort of French inspired.

I love this fleur de lys red fabric – I almost had enough in blue for an alternate strip but it didn’t quite make it, and my mandate for this sewing adventure is to use what I have. So finally I was able to use this gorgeous French bias from Patchwork on Central Park which I bought about a year ago, simply because I had to have it.

I’m thinking a few of these will work well for summer time, because frankly the child doesn’t wear pants. And they’re easy to coordinate.

I’ve just realised how predictable I am. There’s a lot of Seed in these shots…and I don’t actually shop there much. I pretend it’s because I’m not that conservative, but truth be told if I had a tonne of cash I’d buy a heap.

And last, but not least, the skirt from the other day. Had to outfit-workshop this just to showcase these shoes. These will be part of Summer 10/11 chez Harriet. They’re peony, which is a little bit serendipitous because peony roses are my favourite, and when I was explaining them to Harriet the other day, she decided Peony was her favourite name.

(* The Seed items here total $241.60, maybe I could do a bit of etsy selling to complete the look?)


About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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4 Responses to Misery loves company

  1. Trish says:

    Just in case I find a fabulous fabric shop overseas, what should I get for you? Buttons? Ribbons? Any particular colours?

    I know how you feel about special dresses… you either keep them, or give them to very, very special girls (whose mothers you trust to care for them properly!).

  2. Calico says:

    COuldn\t find your blog on my new computer and have just found it again and had a wonderful read. So lovely to see all the stylish projects you\ve got going. I adore the little girl fabric at the bottom of the skirt. So cute. Loved your comments about parenting as well. You are a wise woman. For some reason my keyboard is misbehaving.

  3. Calico says:

    So impressed by the wave dress as well. Did you really and trooly cross your heart make it yourself?

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