My favourite mirror

Nearly 18 months ago my friend Pippo and I met in Sydney for a girls' weekend. (That must be where the apostrophe goes, surely?)

Anyway, the trip involved catching up with our special friend E and traipsing the shops. On such shop which I have coveted online for a long time is Lola Et Moi. Don't bother clicking on the link, I discovered the other day it has now closed down. LEM stocked only French imports, and while that wouldn't necessarily, in my view, suggest that all its stock was beautiful, it truly was.

In particular, I was struck by some gorgeous mouse pads and coaster sets from My Favourite Mirror a fabulous husband wife team who work with independent illustrators to design gorgeous things which are all made in house.  

I bought this mouse pad…


& Pippo bought this one.


So you see it was only natural when I decided to add some brands, that this might be an option.  I had also looked at getting my own mouse pads made – I had done the designs and all – but unless I was going to order thousands, I'd be selling them at $50 each which might be just a tad steep. Plus, my designs weren't a patch on these, which are (together with the two above, of course) now in store for $15 each. 


Springer spaniels rule…

(ok, so I bought this with someone particular in mind, you know who you are)


Camping out  


Sailor way

  Apple head

and lots more.

And then come the coasters.  Made from the same thick spongey fabric used for the mousepads, these come in sets of six in a little round tin ($25).   


Axel honey


Black apple


Vintage chicklets

And if you want one of each, and like to match, here's an idea…

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Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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