Stripey legs

Well, after what feels like an inordinate wait, the new range of stripey footless tights are here.


I have loved the emerald/navy combination since the year 9 social when I wore an emerald green fleece sweatshirt, a navy drill Esprit full skirt and, wait for it, navy shoes with a green tassle.  I know. How Dirk didn't notice me is still a myth.


And then there was red, because I love red. 

And when you team these with what's already on offer…



…we've got most of the colourways covered.


and to be fair to stripes, these are on sale at $10 each like the long sleeved tees. Hurry up, before Harri test drives them all. 


About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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2 Responses to Stripey legs

  1. Trish says:

    I used to have a navy full skirt from Esprit!! And that outfit sounds HOTT. I would have noticed you 🙂

  2. Calico says:

    Can’t wait to buy up on the weekend.

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