Glass half full

Before I started In The Round , I had the idea of starting an online shop selling a few of my favourite things, which I found myself having to buy online from overseas suppliers at vast expense.  

The first two products which sprang to mind were these….

1.  Philosophy – possible the most scrumptious bath and body gels this side of, anywhere.

message in a bottle

2. Method Home – possibly the funkiest and most non allergenic cleaning products this side of, everywhere.


Well, Philosophy aren't taking on any more retailers, and Method now sells Australia wide in Woolworths and KMart, so that idea fell flat pretty quickly.

But suffice to say, when I started the shop, it was in the back of my mind that if I stumbled across a product which I loved, and which fitted in with In The Round's philosophy, then I might have a look at stocking it.

Well I literally tripped over this product and am thrilled to say it'll be on our online shelves next week!


Rice is a Danish company, established 10 years ago, which effectively produces and sources a stunning array of homewares from Thailand, India and Madagascar.  It has a great philosophy, ensuring that it has a perfectly pointed moral and ethical compass (read : no child labour or anything of the sort), and in fact some communities are sustained in whole by the production of Rice products.

I was particularly struck by the melamine range, which I thought would sit nicely in the so far empty corner of kitchenware at the shop.  (I mean, I have aprons, cushions, bags – hand towels on the way – but the kitchen is a little bare).

We're starting small, with the things I really wanted in my home for summer.  First, mid sized coloured bowls, an assortment of 6 in each pack for little people's snacks, or nuts, fruit, chocolate etc over the summer BBQ.

Fetchfile-10 '

And then, some cups!

I have so many cups, but they are either all Bunnykins style, or far too big for Harri to use comfortably without spilling a fair whack of the contents.  Have a
look at the range of colours!



Soft Blue








And, of course, PINK.


The cups will be available to purchase individually, because I hate having to buy sets of things when you only need one or two, or have particular colour choices.  Not sure that I can separate the dipping bowls, but they are awesome as a set (notwithstanding statement above). Cups will be $5.50, because the ones I own were $6.95, and I think the lower prices is a nice as Rice.

PS. You can order online now!


About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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One Response to Glass half full

  1. Calico says:

    We have the Rice cups (bought in Norway) and we love them. So pleased I can now get them on my favourite Australian website.

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