A few of my favourite things.

Oh what a Mission.  Mission beach was fantastic.  We had picture perfect weather and some nice nice family time.  Little sleep, mind you, as Harri just isn't in to sleeping at the moment, but no better place to have no sleep than here…


We were very lucky to stay at our friends' house – they explained that they'd had dreams one day to buy an Island, but once they bought this house realised there was no need. There is an enormous expanse of beach (miles and miles), a view of Dunk Island and Palm tree privacy.


Now, I didn't exercise my butt off (indeed the scales revealed quite the opposite upon my return), but I did take the time for a few bursts of energy, including a few walks along the expanse of sand. We usually have a beach holiday once a year, and each time I seem to have a mental spring clean, sorting through the year's baggage and making lists of things to change for the year ahead. This time was different. 

As I strode awkwardly along the beach (due to a rather nasty thigh chafing, that'll serve me right for trying to "run" on day 1), I thought about why I always want to change myself. It must be a sign of age, or just an immensely tiring year, but I decided on that walk that I don't really want to change, I want to learn to enjoy things the way they are.

So here's a bit about me, and what I unashamedly love.


Desperate Housewives.  I want to be one of them.


Snack chocolate.  

I won a trivia night at an old people's home by correctly answering the question 

"How many flavours in a block of Snack Chocolate?"  True story.


Law.  Preferably the fictional kind with Judges of this ilk.



He once bought morning tea for my grandma.  True Story #2. She sent me the casette of "Then Again" while I was living in….


Tokyo. Ok, I have a love hate relationship with Japan. I'd hate to be 21 and living there again.  I'd love to go now with Kate. 


You shook me all night long. Rock on.

IMG_1830 cadre

Olivier Cazal playing Schubert, or anything reallyLike this.


Cats. Like Bronte (above) and Millie (below), who went to the "farm" a few months ago.


I'm just not a dog person. 


Triathlons.  This is me finishing the Geelong Olympic Distance Triathlon in April 2006.  

I am smiling because Tom Holland told me to, so that I'd have a photo like this for posterity, but I felt supremely like crap. I now tend to wa
tch them on tele.

So sort of an eclectic yet predictable gathering of interests, but nonetheless one I am now going to embrace as I approach my late, later 30, 'cause they don't seem to be a changin'.

Of course I haven't mentioned kids, family, sewing…but they all go without saying, right?


About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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