Think Pink!

No, I'm not thinking breast cancer.  Though it is a mighty fine idea to perhaps put some of the profits from my new "pink" range towards this terrific cause.  Trouble is, supporting the Stroke Clinic as we do, I want to give them every available cent.

Anyhow, here's the promised sneak peak of the Spring, not Summer, range.

I discovered this fabric, Australian designed and made, a few months back and have been sampling with it ever since.  This is exactly what I wanted to make, and it only took about 4 metres of wastage to get there.


I know kids love spinning things, but there is a time when they also love comfy things, and this dress is comfy.  Harri loves hers, maybe because it has a hint of pink, but also because she can hang around, run, roll and cartwheel safe in the knowledge that she's still in a dress.

It even matches, much to her delight, the camellias on our front porch.  Pink, of course.


And rather by chance this colourway also matches the pink Winter '09 tights.


But when Harri and I got down to the details of the dress, and what was so terrific about it, she let the cat out of the bag.  "I want this in pink." Really, that surprises me.  You don't like the denim, sage and beige I have ordered?

Unlike the tees which are unisex, and the leggings which are a little mandated by the tees (being the contrast stripe), these numbers are strictly for the girls so I decided it couldn't hurt to make 50% of the toddler population happy by getting…pink.  

So I headed down to the supplier last week and bit the bullet.  The pink is actually pretty cool, and I think it will make up nicely.  But being a red girl from way back, you'll see I got a little distracted and added just one more colourway to the 5 stripe Spring range.  Don't worry, the red is having a contrast stripe in, you guessed it, pink!


As for the boys, I'm sorry, I'm still overwhelmed with this gorgeous stuff, your spring stuff will hopefully spring to mind shortly…


About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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2 Responses to Think Pink!

  1. Calico says:

    Can’ wait to order some dresses for my little miss.

  2. JasperBoy says:

    LOVE these fabrics. I just bought myself a couple of stripe dresses at the shops today. Gotta love a stripe! I look forward to seeing the summer range very soon (hint!).
    Jen in Melbourne

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