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Ok, so it has taken me far longer to post about my kidsinstyle experience than it ought to have, but truth is I’m exhausted.  The fair was mixed.  It was slower than I hoped, but as the days have trickled on I’ve had a number of new orders which is very encouraging. Like any of these things, though, the best part of the experience was the people I met.  

My neighbours at the show, Play Imports and Jole Home (yes, I don’t mind giving them a plug), were so wonderfully supportive and funny that I would not have gotten through those sale lulls without them. They were also kind enough to give me a lot of positive feedback and industry tips which I’ll take with me to the next stage of In The Round.

So, after months of preparation, this is what the stand looked like…

Pictured here with my supportive husband / harri team

(The tronbonniere on show.  Yep, I opened a few in the quieter times.
I had a few left over given most people thought it was camphor)

And at the end of it all, this is what I looked like…

I’ll be honest and say that I did not achieve the ridiculous success at the show that I was hoping for. There is every chance that I’ll have to go back to my day job.  And a number of people have (so kindly) been worried for me that it didn’t have blow out success. But I’ll be honest with you and say this.  

Firstly, the people that are now my “retailers” really and genuinely took the time to look at our lines, and really like it.  They are the people I want to stock In The Round’s gear.

Secondly, one of the ten or so lessons I learned through this process is that I am terrible at doing things in halves, and I need to get better at it.  Now that I don’t have a zillion things to sew, I can iron that persistent load of washing in the corner of the living room, make that gorgeous spinning dress for Harriet, do a bit of Martha style cooking and have time to design and market the things I adore on a more relaxed scale.  

Thirdly, when I was relaxing on facebook in the wee hours of Sunday morning and heard that a friend from my mother’s group had suffered a stroke last weekend, at the age of 42, I felt absolutely no sorrow for my limited sales at kidsintyle.  My friend is making a great recovery, and I am so grateful for that, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it happened, that she and her family have lived through what James and I and our families have lived through, and that is something to feel bad about, not the fact that not everyone things these things rock.

Fourthly, not many people will get the family support I got for doing the show, and I just wish I had a photo of Tiny & Tezza helping me out.  This is an old one of the aforementioned parents with dear Harri.

S xx

By the way, this is the spinning dress, courtesy of Sandi Henderson of Portabello Pixie  fame.  Sandi very generously has a note on her patterns in the copyright section allowing us crafters to sell her pattern inspired items on etsy etc. BUT, after 4 yards of fabric and 4 hours of time just for the skirt, I’m thinking that if I can’t list this baby for US$500 I’ll not made a dime.  Once I have the bodice done and it’s all joined up, I’ll post a photo of Harri proudly spinning around…

(photo courtesy of Sandi Henderson)

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Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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