Hello Pixelmator. Move over adobe.

This week, all the insignificant things have gone wrong. By that I mean lots of little things I was relying on did not come to fruition, but none of them significant in the real sense.  My web deleted all the product prices; my sizing labels got lost in the run and weren’t printed; my nephew’s present which I ordered online went astray and arrived here (melbourne) on the eve of his 3rd birthday (he lives on the Gold Coast); a new line I was optimistic about didn’t work (ok so that was a dumb idea anyway a few days before the fair, I’ll wear that one), and the adobe photoshop program I bought 2 months ago continued to refuse to install itself.  

I need adobe, or at least a program with some sort of magic extractor, to remove the background from product shots so they look clearer. Photoshop does that, but it seems that my computer is clinging on to remnants of the trial I used awhile back and will not install the one I’ve actually paid for because it’s “incompatible.” I have had so many long but fruitless calls to resolve it, until, you guessed it…

Type in ‘magic extractor background removal mac compatible’ and, voila…
As you may know, this is pixelator.  She/he does exactly what I need photoshop to do, but quickly, cheaply and happily.  Now listen, I realise this post is cruely boring, but I am so happy I had to share it with someone, and Harriet is asleep and husband living it up with the rich and famous.  As I sit here comfortably, however, in Bonds tracksuit with chocolate at my ready, take a peak at how I transformed the bag shots with a quick flick of the magic wand.

Better, yeah?

About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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One Response to Hello Pixelmator. Move over adobe.

  1. waverider says:

    Now you are seriously intimidating me, incredibly creative AND technologically savvy….give me a break!!! Good thing I am the one with the "long hair", have to have something going for me!

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