They’re here!

Ok, so I now feel official.

Today I collected the tees I’d had professionally printed.  I started of doing these myself, by hand, as seen in Elephant Elements.  These have worked pretty well, but they were really time consuming and every now and then the paint thickened up too much and I worried the tees would crack prematurely.  So I made the decision to get a couple of designs professionally done, and it was the best decision. For some of the party time elephant range, I’m going to team the skirts with these metallic silver elephants, maybe with a coloured eye or two…

The tees have come up so nicely, and now I feel really confident that they’ll go the distance as they’ve all been professionally done, oven heated (whatever that means) and properly finished.  They are also a bit softer than the handmade ones, so are a bit smoother to touch. And best of all, I managed to get a few metallic prints in there too (the elephant and bird).

I’ve done a fairly limited run (though it didn’t seem like it when I picked them all up) in my favourite colours, red and white.  I have a couple of basic designs, my elephant, bird and giraffe, in variations of silver, white, red and purple. The best part was choosing the precise colour I wanted using the pantone colour range, something that I knew well not because of my love of paint, but because of my love of homewares…I simply put these mugs on the dining room table and went to work…

No, I don’t have the full range, but I do have the red and purple and used them as the base colours I liked.  The purple has ended up a lot more in the dark violet hue, just because this one is too girly for the boys, I thought. 
The best thing about the tees is the neck – it took ages to source tees which didn’t have the really thick banded neck (which I don’t think works for the girls).  These are made in Melbourne, have a “no sweat shop” authorised label, are 100% cotton and designed to hold screen prints.  All the googling, shopping around in 40+ degrees heat and test driving (read : many failed tees in the bin) has finally paid off.

I’ll get some Melman (*) shots up soon…

(*Giraffe from Madagascar)

About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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One Response to They’re here!

  1. lscrude says:

    These are so cute. That’s fantastic that you were able to find a local printer!

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