I’ve decided…

The bush fire coverage this week has been overwhelming – too much for me most of the time.  The commentary I have listened to is Jon Faine on ABC local radio, one of my favourite radio hosts (we share degrees and suburbs), who made it back on air from a 6 month sabbatical in time to cover this enormous tragedy.

I don’t agree with everything Jon says, far from it, but he is so thought provoking.  One of the many things that provoked me this week was his comment about the kids, and what they need.  At the request of the CFA, Jon travelled to Whittlesea on Monday, only two days after the fires broke out, and did the broadcast from there.  He said he had thought of taking up some lego his kids had long grown out of, but then thought about it – hey, these kids don’t want our old lego, they want their lego, new lego.  

The same applies to clothes. I think my hand me downs are fine, because I like what I bought (even years ago) and know that they are all super clean and have been well looked after.  But if I lost all of my material things and had the option of wearing someone else hand me downs, and nothing else, I’d feel like like my physical soul, at least, had been compromised.  So when it came to choosing what I was going to contribute to Craft Relief (www.belsizesquare.com.au), I decided to donate something that I really loved and was proud of.  I hope that some little girl, aged 3, gets some pleasure from this dress, something uniquely hers, handed over with love and tonnes of good wishes for her future. 

About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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One Response to I’ve decided…

  1. lscrude says:

    Lovely. We gave cash. I wish I could sew.

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