The Scandi Bag…

I love the Scandi bag (for want of a better name), but wanted to improve the prototype (the pink Marimekko). Firstly, the canvas needed to be a bit heavier and better in quality.  Secondly, I had to have a proper lining with a mobile pocket and interior zip pocket.  I feel as though I have been all around the world, and come up with two options.  Funnily enough, they weren’t from Paris or Scandinavia, but Japan and Scandinavia (but not Norway).   However, my very dear friend with strong Norwegian ties (i.e. husband and three kids, two of whom are my models) is working on a stylish name for the bag at the moment, and at the risk of giving up a potentially cool name for the bag, I won’t mention that there is no longer any French influence (should that have affected her choice).  To be frank, I am neither surprised nor vaguely disappointed that this bag will have a Japanese influence – I’ll blog about this later in some detail but the fabric designers from Japan quite frankly outdo us all with their attention to detail, colour, fabric quality and precision.  I have an affinity with Japan that makes me even more excited about the fabric partnership I’m going to embark on with them (as opposed to the sake drinking /english teaching / home staying partnership preceding it a decade and a half before). 

Anyway, after a lot of time and angst (and more sleepless nights about interfacing and zips), I’ve come up with a couple of new designs…  

The mushroom/panther story

The panther /aubergine story
And then, the usual bright stuff which I love too…We might call this the orangello and limongello story?  Waverider, your thoughts?

Ok, and as a postscript, let me add that this post took about 100 hours because I have grown up with Microsoft and none of the functions work with Macs…lucky it looks so nice!

About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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2 Responses to The Scandi Bag…

  1. lscrude says:

    I love the mushroom fabric. That’s one of my favourite colours because it goes well with just about everything. – Trish.

  2. waverider says:

    I am loving the orangello and limongello story, fantastic colours and truly inspired names as well!I love this bag, itlooks to be just what I need to carry around my much loved but bulky digital SLR and 365 journal. It also looks like the perfect shape for a laptop bag.Another triumph!!

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