I Love A Story.

Almost 10 years ago to the day, I threw in my first ever “day job”, after 12 hard months, and started work at a store inside a gym selling, yep, gym wear. I loved it. Surrounded by clothes, and people who wanted to buy clothes was one thing, but the fact that it is really only ever sold in matching sets is quite another. When my lovely bosses gave me the freedom, a few months into the gig, to choose some of the stock, I quickly learned that these matching sets are known as “stories”. Navy and yellow stuff becomes the “midnight and buttercup story,” the green and pink the “pistachio and dusk story” All of a sudden, I loved my new job even more. A decade later I am, rather unfortunately, back in a sensible day job. However, my love for stories has not waned. If anything, it has grown, somewhat exponentially. As my site gets up and running, and I can lay things out properly, you’ll see that there’s a story in everything that I’ve done – the black (um, “onyx”), pink (watermelon), green (olive) etc. Sounds appetising, if not wanky. In fact, I’ve always thought that “stories” are just pretentious nomenclature designed by the simple to dress up the simply boring, and have had lots of laughs about them over the years. But so what. I still love them.

At the moment I’m on a bit of a road trip holiday. I don’t mind being away from the sewing machine or even the rotary cutter, but I am a bit creatively fidgety. I realised early into the trip that a break away from actually making things might give me a great chance to clear my head and look around for new ideas and inspiration. Trawling through little stores in beachside towns and cities, well, smaller than my hometown Melbourne, have lead to a couple of fabulous finds, and I’m already craving more. These are a couple of my favourites…arranged by story. Of course.

Parisien naturale…

Raspberry / snow story

Amongst the finds, you’ll see quite a few buttons. I love buttons. Not only because they are typically round, but because they can make something ordinary a little extraordinary. Many things in my line (http://www.intheround.com.au/) are finished with a button or two from my grandmother’s button collection (circa 1950) which to me make them even more special. Stay tuned for the ideas I have for these buttons…do I paint the wooden apples?


About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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