Peony roses

Some Miss 2 and Miss 3 models
The cutest twins I know. In my stuff.

In the midst of the bags, the wool bags that is, I became committed to the round theme, probably because I love dots, and I love round appliques. I also LOVE flowers (peony roses to be precise), and so grabbed a burda pinafore pattern to try my hand at a girl’s pinafore, with my own applique. The result wasn’t great, but for a first attempt, with litte miss 3 with her dad for a few hours, I was full of excitement.

Black linen pinafore, with red/white pinstripe petals, black/white dot centre and ribbon stem.

Yep, that’s right, black linen. Black. Linen.

Other than some denim, and an expected foray into cord (both thick and thin) for a winter range, I use only linen for all my kids clothes. There a few reasons for this. 1) The kids clothes that jump out at me are more often than not in natural fabrics and neutral colours (have you seen Shiloh in anything other than natural, white or black?) 2) I hate polyester, viscose and unsoftened cotton 3) I hate fabrics that fade, pill or stretch out of shape. 4) I need (for miss 3) to be able to soak, soak and, well, throw out. Linen meets all these needs. I get a lot of comments about the ironing factor, and can only say two things in response. First, it doesnt need as much as you’d think (especially the handkerchief linen in the girls clothes). Secondly, well, I kinda think kids clothes should be ironed, whether they’re linen, cotton or even a bit of that stretchy stuff, so I guess that doesn’t bother me. Having said that, I’ve folded all my underwear since the age of 7.

Next up I’m going to post a bit more about the linen basic range – pinafores, skirts and (boy’s) pants / shorts. A good friend of mine, let’s call her “Kate”, was good enough to give birth to boy / girls twins 2 1/2 years ago and lends them to me for modelling shoots. Co-operative little people, they (together with my miss 3) have brought the clothes to life. Hoping for some super cute uploads soon, once “Kate” brings them back from the Northern Hemisphere…


About Sophie

Living in Melbourne, juggling a day job in medical defence with recious 7 and 1 year olds, and trying as best I can to raise money for research into paediatric stroke.
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One Response to Peony roses

  1. lscrude says:

    LOVE the black linen. I think linen is a great fabric for kids’ clothes because it still looks good even if a little crushed… as in, it’s crushed because it’s linen, not because Mummy can’t be bothered ironing. I have a couple of linen shirts in my cupboard and I don’t usually iron them. And I’ve had them for YEARS and even though they’re totally out of fashion they’re still in as-new condition. In The Round linen clothes will make wonderful hand-me-downs.

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